Empower Our Teachers

I will work hard to create an environment that will grow and attract jobs. Industrious states are prosperous states. I will be a leader that promotes hard work, innovation and ingenuity. I will support legislation that provides certainty to businesses so that they will have the confidence to invest in Arizona. I will work hard to remove arbitrary paperwork, permits and licenses that do not promote the general welfare or serve a meaningful purpose. I will remove barriers that dampen the entrepreneurial spirit and promote economic policies that reward good behavior and encourage self-reliance. I will work with heads of state agencies and business leaders to remove the shackles that are restricting small business growth.

Represent Our Parents and Children

It is time for the State to run the same way a good business or home is run.  We must spend less than we bring in.  We need to understand the difference between needs and wants. I will support a zero base budget. Surpluses should be used to pay down debt. Obsolete and inefficient government programs may need to be eliminated. We must get Arizona’s fiscal house in order, and I have the skills needed to help accomplish this difficult task.

Demand Classroom Funding

I want to promote a wide variety of energy sources including nuclear, natural gas and coal which have proven to be less expensive, efficient, clean and reliable.

Protecting Families

I will work tirelessly to protect families.  The family is the thread of our society. Strong families make strong communities. I am a pro-life candidate that believes our first inalienable right is that to life. Legislation should be supportive of the family unit and not discourage the union of husband and wife. Children are entitled to good parents. I will not support legislation that encourages broken homes. Most families are so busy dealing with life that they do not have time to watch every bill that is passed by the state. I will be a voice for the people and protect their interests and their rights.


My grandfather was a rancher and a farmer and my cousins are also ranchers and farmers. Agriculture is the life blood of our society, the number one export and 20% of the GDP. Farmers are good stewards of the land and I will work hard to support and help the ranchers and farmers of Arizona to provide food for all Americans. We need to teach the rising generation the importance of agriculture and support agriculture schools and education.


A good quality education is essential in preparing the next generation. I believe that parents understand the needs of their children better than bureaucrats and I am a proponent of education choice. Competition in education is good and I support district schools, charter schools, private schools, home schooling and tuition tax credits.

Private Property Rights

Freedom and private property rights go hand in hand. We the People have the unalienable right to acquire, hold, trade, or sell property ownership with minimal government intrusion.

2nd Amendment Rights

I will protect your right to keep and bear arms.  I agree with Jefferson when he said that “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”

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Join Team Levenda

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